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UltraFlex headgear design includes eye/scene cameras, audio, and infrared illumination.

Our standard products help you get your project up and running quickly and affordably. We have off-the-shelf solutions in adult, child and infant sizes. These options can be configured to meet the needs of both laboratory and field work.

Our UltraFlex headgear design is a modular, dark-pupil, infrared eye-tracking headgear. Minimal adjustments are needed to get the best eye and scene images for tracking a range of observers. No mirrors are required. The infrared LED and eye camera are mounted on a flexible arm for easy positioning from subject to subject.

All headgear are compatible with our low cost 20-foot tethered laboratory kit. Additionally, the headgear interfaces with our Mobile Eye-Tracking Laboratory (METL), which is a custom 11” MacBook Air backpack harness.

The heart our capture solutions use PSLiveCapture software to record synchronized eye, scene, and audio video data for post gaze processing in our eye-tracking software. PSLiveCapture allows you to stream eye/scene video wirelessly from our METL to our eye-tracking software for near realtime previewing and test calibration. When used with our mobile kit, PSLiveCapture software supports 90-degree screen rotation for previewing the capture stream on the laptop while the participant is wearing the backpack. Computer battery level and hard drive space are also monitored to issue a "stop record" command during long record sessions.

We understand our standard equipment won’t meet the needs of every single project. Our in-house design capabilities allow us to create custom hardware based on your specific needs. If you’re looking for the ultimate eye-tracking solution for your project—at a price that will accommodate most budgets—Positive Science will deliver.